Christ demonstrates

Christ was prudent. He "out-foxed" the experts who tried to trap him with logic when he taught. On the other hand, an attractive woman rubbed his bare feet with her hair, and he did not chase her away. He was not a prude. Others wondered at her act; he praised her (Jn 12:1-8). Do we dare to want less than "right reason in action" (#1806)?

Jesus was sober. He faced hecklers, a trial, and death fully aware of what was going on. He also was accused of being a wine-bibber and a glutton. Temperance did not mean avoiding the joys of life for Jesus; it meant balancing them, so they could be savoured (#1809).

Jesusí justice and fortitude showed a firmness within him and an interaction with others that allowed those most in need of him to come close to him (#1807-1809). The one who could be called Lord moved those around him into the status of friend. And in going to death, he rose to life; power brought peace.

Skill and balance in these habits did not make him less human; they expressed the fullest humanity that had ever been shown, and those around him could not but like him. Something genuine drew them.

What must the model human do to be Godlike today? What must we do to be Christlike? We must take on the challenges of the modern world and its new insights. To do this, we will need to prepare ourselves, to remember our goal and tools, and to "forge" them into active qualities, into an acting character (#1810).