The Cardinal Virtues

I. Prudence

Prudence helps one decide what is good in every circumstance of life. By prudence, one chooses to do good and not bad. Prudence is taking time to think of the consequences of our actions. When avoid doing certain things because of the bad consequences, that is prudence.

II. Justice

Justice is a consistent decision to do what is right towards God and neighbor, respecting the rights and duties of others. Justice brings harmony. Without justice, there is no peace. There are no rights without duties attached. If one wishes to exercise one’s rights, in justice one must also exercise one’s duties.

III. Fortitude

Fortitude means doing what is right in every circumstance. Not giving in when others tempt me to do wrong. Standing up for what is good and true, avoiding evil. Fortitude conquers fear.

IV. Temperance

Temperance is the virtue of balance and moderation, the mastery of will over urges. It involves resisting the desire to do wrong.