-Failure to love ourselves, others and God

Original Sin

  • It is human nature so fallen, stripped of the grace that clothed it, injured in its own natural powers and subjected to the dominion of death (Pope Paul VI, Credo of the People of God, No.16)
  • condition of disharmony into which all humans are born
  • Personal or Actual Sin

    • any free or deliberate action, word, thought or desire, which turns away from Godís law of love
    • sin of omission ó failure to do a good thing
    • sin of commission - a choice to act in an immoral way







    Venial Sin


    Mortal Sin

  • weakens but does not kill our love relationship with God and neighbour
  • involves offences that are not serious, or that the person does not fully recognize as serious, or that the person does not wholeheartedly want to do

  • a rejection of Godís love ó it kills Godís life and love within us
  • the person must know that it is serious and decide to do it anyway