Thoughts Of An FCG Member

To do God's work

Well...what can I say? It is about a group of sincere and fun-loving young Catholics wanting to come together to experience the love of God in a deeper sense. For me, since I am not active in my own parish so I see the FCG as a perfect opportunity to be involved in God's work and I have not regretted since.. on the contrary, I want to be involved for as long as I can !!

Fellowship and deepening of faith

The people here are very friendly and warm and I know they will be friends to last for a lifetime. Furthermore, on a serious note, going for the sessions has really deepened my faith which had been rock bottom since entering army. There's always something new to learn at each gathering. Also, I have not been very used to sharing but seeing the openness of the rest of the seniors, I managed to at least open my mouth and say something. I know that I have to work on that definitely.

Singing nice songs

and of course I learnt really nice songs that I have not heard during mass...very beautiful.

-writer wishes to remain anonymous.