Examen of consciousness

Four-step process:

a. What has happened in me
What feelings, moods and urges have arisen in me?

b. What was the occasion of these
Objectively( event, situation, word, happening....) and subjectively (my reactions, my thoughts, responses to an objective situation)

c. Why those feelings
I question my reactions: is there a psychological reason, or any other reason that I am aware of?

d. What is the spiritual meaning of it all
What is the direction of God's call? What is the Lord asking from me? What is He trying to reveal to me?

Secondarily, our concern is with our actions insofar as they were (or not) responses to His calling. Often our activity becomes primary to us and all sense of response in our activity is lost.

Rather than a practical "programmed" approach to perfection, this examen is meant to be a reverently honest personal meeting with the Lord in our hearts.

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