Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

(Continuing Quest) Comfort

  1. To get involved in the affairs of the world, to work for Godís kingdom by seeking respect, dignity and equality for all.
  2. To seek justiceó to give people their due and to make sure that everyone has access to those things necessary for a truly human life
  3. a hunger for God

At the time of Jesus, Jews believed that God had forty-two names. One of God's names was "Righteousness," so when the rabbis discussed a "hunger and thirst for righteousness," they were speaking about a thirst and hunger for God. Many times in the Hebrew Scriptures, relationship with God is described in terms of food and drink (see Is 55 or Ps 42, for example), A "messianic banquet" theme appears in both Testaments (e.g., Is 25 and Lk 22). This Beatitude holds the promise, to we who continue our quest for God; that we will share in the heavenly, messianic banquet.

Our lives are to be lived within the framework of realized eschatology in this world. Because we are already (imperfectly) living eternal life, we know the world is not to be avoided, but confronted and changed. The last four Beatitudes deal with the four imperatives of such a Christian life: loving, learning, teaching, and persevering.