ABEng FCG Meeting

09 Sep 2000, MacDonald's, United Square

Present at meeting:

Freddy Lau
Brandon Yuen
Cheryl Lin
Sharon Syde
Ivan Teo
Arthur Yap
Norman Lee

Absent With Apologies:

Randall Wong

The meeting started at 1130 hrs


Issues Arising From Action Items


Roles of each member of comm


Each member present gave a presentation of their roles, and a type-written copy will be supplied later.

Sharon, Norman, Fred

Spiritual Life


Fred suggested starting on a small scale, eg daily rosary. However, Norman replied that there is no single slot whereby the whole comm can be together for rosary, except after-hours.


Norman suggested attending weekday mass at Holy Cross. Arthur suggested Thursday, and Fred, being concerned that it would be too close to class tests(usually on Saturdays), suggested Mondays. Ivan reminded that the CGL meeting is always held on Mondays.


Fred suggested the possibility of alternating rosary sessions with mass, and Ivan said that both could be held consecutively.


It was then agreed to go for mass as a comm on Thursdays at Holy Cross, and Ivan said he would invite the CGLs for mass together.

Ivan, All

FCG Gathering 5/9/2000, Seoul Garden, Ngee Ann City




Arthur reported a good turnout of 26, including members who have graduated.



Outreach for future outings


Fred reminded that outreach for future outings should follow what was discussed in the previous meeting ie. publicity to be done by sharon, CGLs to call CG members, and comm to call those who are not in CGs.



Too large a group? Suggestions for future outings


Fred and Arthur felt that having such a large group meant that interaction between all the members were seriously limited.


Suggestion for future outings include having a gathering at someone's house(suggested by Arthur), games(Ivan), movie (Fred), concerts(Norman).


Arthur received a suggestion to organise a overseas trip eg. cruise from the yr 4s, and enquired about the comm's opinion. Ivan replied that it was best to keep this suggestion in view, as the only possible time will be in May/June next year.  
Retreat-Operational Matters


Operational Issues at FMM


Brandon briefed the comm on the related operational matters to take note of regarding the use of FMM(Appendix 1)



Retreat Framework


The comm brainstormed on the rough framework of the retreat programme.(Appendix 2)




Cheryl suggested getting one priest to do the sessions for all 3 days, in the interest of continuity. The comm agreed, but 1. will be difficult on the priest 2. may not be able to secure commitment from priest.


Recon Session


Fred and Ivan suggested getting CCPG to do the recon session. One consideration is that the CCPG members will only be available after 7pm.


Consultation With Priest


Fred suggested seeking out Fr Chia for his opinion on the retreat themes etc.



Retreat-Discussion on Theme, Slogan(See Appendix 3 for summary)




Fred suggested the theme of 'Coming Home' and asked the comm to develop it further.He first shared that such a theme reminded him of the story of the prodigal son, and to draw a parallel with University life, we may have neglected God for our studies.  
Ivan shared that 'Coming Home' meant to him that after carrying out one's activities, one returns home to seek rest, and Brandon added that after rest, one proceeds onto the Final Destination, whatever it may be.  
Fred also mentioned that one thanks God after coming home..  
Arthur shared that only when one has a sense of belonging to a house can one call a house a home.A parallel can be drawn between the house of God (church) and just coming to Mass on Sundays.  




Norman suggested a slogan 'Journey (1)In Him, (2)To Him, (3)With Him'


Fred suggested that it could instead be 'To Him In Him With Him' as one would reconcile oneselves with Christ(To Him) before moving on the way he led us(In Him) and always calling upon him(With Him)


However, Arthur said that it would also be possible to have a slogan in the manner suggested, as one needs to know His Way, working towards His Way by reconciling with him, and keeping with His Way.


Hence it was decided to adopt the slogan.


(1) In Him - THE WAY


To Brandon, the way to Christ includes adopting the Catholic devotions, like reading the bible and praying the rosary, as part of our lifestyle. He suggested adopting this as a fixed feature of the retreat.


However, Cheryl felt that in order to make such devotions a part of our lifestyle, we need to see the beauty of it, eg, the rosary, and the bible.


Therefore, Brandon suggested having speakers on this issue.





Norman felt that 'our destination' meant Judgement Day, but also thought that it was too ominous. 'Towards a Christ-like life' was then suggested.


Cheryl shared that this also meant that in our lives, we should keep ourselves focussed on Him, even though we may stray from his path sometimes, we can always reconcile and turn back to him.



(3) With Him - OUR COMPANY


With this slogan, Brandon was reminded about the 'footprints' story.




Arthur shared about the meaning of the thorns on the Sacred Heart. Whenever we sin, the thorns would pierce His heart, signifying that He is always with us, for He is hurt when we turn away.




Fred was reminded of Matt 28:19, and Arthur said that Ps 23 came into mind. Arthur also mentioned the theme song of Liverpool FC"You Never Walk Alone", and wondered if we could modify the lyrics. http://www.liverpoolfc.net/general/experience/misc/anthems.html




Given what was said so far, Ivan shared that to him, Jesus would be with us in both good times and bad times. Cheryl added that we should also treat him as our friend, a role model and a source of support.


Other Matters




As NUSCSS exco requested for a Budget, it was discussed. The items are listed in Appendix 4 and have been submitted to exco for approval.



Next Meeting


Not Mentioned



With no further matters, the meeting ended at 1445.


<signed> *meow*

Action Items

Send Norman a copy of his roles




Type out comm members roles and send to Norman Sharon



Make calls to invite members on Sunday(Reminder) All, CGLs



Invite CGLs for mass on Thursday Ivan



Appendix 1 - FMM Operational Details

Location: Holland Road, near youth flying club. See map, located between Peirce Road, and Aura Pk
Buses Available: 7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 174, 602
Access to MRT: Orchard MRT: all buses, Commonwealth: 105 Buona Vista:105, 106, 602

Check In: Office Hours, earliest time 9am

Silent Hours: 2200 hrs onwards

Daily Mass: 0700 at chapel, on Mondays, at 1800 hrs instead(need to confirm)

If attending mass, need to inform in advance.

Appendix 2 - Retreat Programme Framework1

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Settling In,Briefing, Opening Address
Ice Breakers(if required)
Session(Note 1)
End of Day Sharing
1800 hrs Mass
reflection on day's readings
Dinner, Nite Snack
Nite Activity?
Night Prayer-Rosary
Reflection on day's readings
skit to set theme for day
P & W
telematch/games(to set mood/mindset towards recon)
Nite Prayer

Reflection on day's readings
skit to set theme for day
P & W
reflection/personal feelings of the 3 days
end with P & W
prize giving
end at 4pm

Session Format

Mini P & W(songs related to topic)
talk by priest
sharings: reflection, application

Appendix 3- Retreat Theme And Slogan (T & S)

Theme: Coming Home

Slogan: Journey In Him, To Him, With Him

Daily Themes:

(1) In Him - The Beauty Of A Christ-Like Life (Phil 4:13)

(2) To Him - Focus on Him even when we stray on His path (John 14:6)

(3) With Him - He is our friend and will not abandon us. (Ps 23)

Appendix 4- Budget Submitted To NUSCSS

Misc Expenditure 20
Birthday Celebrations 300
Provision For Retreat Deficit
Comm Mass 2001
Carolling Expenses
Outing Expenses

Total Amount Requested 710(Rounded Up to 800)