ABEng FCG Meeting

25 Aug 2000, outside LT17

Present at meeting:

Freddy Lau
Brandon Yuen
Cheryl Lin
Sharon Syde
Ivan Teo
Arthur Yap
Randall Wong
Norman Lee

Yvonne Ho
Dominic Say

The meeting began at 2030 hrs.
Next FCG Meeting Action
P & W


Ivan suggested the yr 1 comm members do the next P& W session. Fred expressed reservations and Arthur emphasized that the form of the P & W is left to one's own creativity. Brandon offered the guidance of the seniors and it was then agreed that we shall meet at E1-08 benches , Tuesday 1200 hrs for lunch and planning. Yr 1 comm members





FCG members will be allocated into CGs on the day itself when they turn up. CG sessions after the P & W session will be a Get-to-know session.





Fred mentioned that it was important to get as many yr 1s to come down for FCG, since we are going to allocate them into the CGs.


Ivan noted the problem of yr 1s and others unfamiliar with our regular meeting place of finding us. A meeting place of the E1-08 benches was suggested.


Fred also directed us to call the yr 1s again to inform them of the get-to-know CG session, and to encourage them to turn up. Mention the agreed meeting place, and if they do not know how to get there, use your own discretion to meet them at other places. All




To consult FCG members on their preferred venues for the retreat.





Spiritual Program


A timetable of the topics for CG sessions was done and attached in Appendix 1. Ivan


Each CG will take turns to present (in a group) the topic for the week to the rest of the FCG, using their creativity to make the presentation interesting and lively. Ivan


Fred suggested the possibility of bringing over the undiscussed topics to the retreat.




CG system


Ivan presented the dates and times where visits to other FCGs' CG sessions can be made. They are:

Arts FCG: Thursday 1300 - 1400
Science FCG Thursday 1300 - 1400

Inform him if you are interested in attending. Venues to be advised.






Fred introduced Eunice to the FCG comm. She is a member of the Singapore Youth Choir and would be able to help in the musical aspects of the carolling. However, it is subject to her rehearsal schedule with the SYC.




Dominic mentioned that there are many who want to be the keyboard player for our carolling sessions.
Brandon suggested using accoustic instruments.




Fred enquired about the best time for carolling sessions, and Dominic replied that it is usually around the second week of December.Eunice said that our carolling sessions depended on when we are requested by the houses/venues to visit.




Brandon suggested setting up a carolling sub-comm, and the rest agreed.





Cheryl reported a balance of S$6 ++.


Norman enquired if there is a need for fund raising. Dominic replied that in his previous comm, the S$200 given by NUSCSS Ex-co was sufficient for the FCG's needs till after the carolling.If funds were raised during carolling, the FCG will not need any fund raising.




Brandon thus mentioned that there was no urgent need for fund raising. Norman cautioned that when the FCG is in need of funds, it may be too late. Ivan suggested selling stuff at the Christmas bash. Dominic suggested a most lucrative method in collecting old newspapers. Brandon suggested a jumble sale.






Fred enquired about the best time to hold the retreat. Unanimous reply was in the first week of December. Because Sharon has a 'kiddie camp' on 8 - 10 December, the retreat dates will tentatively be set on 4 - 6 December.



Dominic mentioned a 3 days, 2 nite retreat is too short, and Brandon suggested that the retreat proper could begin in the morning.



Fred suggested asking the FCG about which retreat venue (Appendix 2) is preferred. Meanwhile enquiries of the cost of the various venues could be made, as suggested by Arthur.

Brandon(enquire on Bintan)

Yvonne(to help in asking on FMM)

Ivan and Yvonne mentioned that the accessibility of the retreat venue is important, given that some members are not able to attend the full length of the retreat.



Arthur enquired about the purpose of the retreat, and Norman suggested seeking a priest for guidance, and Brandon mentioned that he will consult Fr Frank Depoorter. Brandon
Ivan suggested that CGLs be consulted on the theme of the retreat.


The programme could be planned later.


With no other matters, the meeting ended at 2145 hrs.




<signed> *meow*

Action Items-Summary

P & W - Yr 1 comm members
Call yr 1s - all
Announcements in FCG session - ?
Present timetable/material to CGLs - Ivan
Other FCGs CG Visits - Ivan
To chase NUSCSS treasurer for funds! - Cheryl, Fred
Enquiry on cost of retreat venues - Brandon, Yvonne (thanks a lot!)
Consult Fr Frank on retreat - Brandon

Appendix 1-CG Session Topics/Activity

Week Topic
28/8 - 2/9 Getting to know each other
3/9 - 9/9 Overview, 1st and 2nd Commandments
10/9 - 16/9 3,4 commandments
17/9 - 23/9 5th commandments
26/9 - 1/10 6th commandment
2/10 - 7/10 (short FCG session)

Appendix 2-Proposed Retreat Venues

Venue Location
FMM Holland Road
Major Seminary Ponggol
Minor Seminary Upper Serangoon?
Franciscan Place Jurong West
Bintan Indonesia approx 1-2 hr ferry?
Port Dickson Malaysia approx 200-300 km road trip