Feedback session with FCG members

22 Aug 2000, E1-08-02

Numbers denote the following groups: 1 - year ones, 2 - year twos and so on.

Vision Suggested By
growth in faith and fellowship 1,2,3,4

outreach to others:

  • catholics not part of us
  • our members whom we seldom see
spiritual development 1,2
open our heart's to God's love 1
that we all may have a sense of belonging to this FCG 3
small and warm community 3

love for god

smart people 3
we know our priorities 3
food!! *drool* 2
cars 2,3
encouraging attendance 4
way for people to get closer to God 1
close bonding 2
others mistaken perception of us (as a serious bunch of people who spend our time praying and nothing else) 1
heavy workload and other commitments 1,2,3
sessions don't start early or on time 4
handphones and pagers sometimes disrupt our session 4
lack of knowledge eg bible 2
What we wanna see...
talks by spiritual leaders 2,4
bible study/sharing 2
alternative forms of prayer, praise and worship, eg Taize 2,3,4
new songs 2
book barrow 4
small group presentations 4
fun, sports and games 1,3
more gatherings 3
community service eg visit to homes for the aged 2,3
screen movies on religious themes 4
follow spiritual programme, and more spiritual input 1,4
nature hike 4
serious and regular prayer sessions 4
refreshing change of venue 4
daily mass and reconcilliation session(because the sacrements are important) 4
overseas venue will result in high cost 3
overseas venue will be inconvenient for some who need to leave halfway and will cause drop in attendance 3
Retreat-suggestions for venue
FMM, Maj/Min Seminary, IJ Centre, Sentosa, Penang.(Lourdes was also suggested, and Arthur will sponsor if it is taken up :P) 2
carol at places like coffeebean, starbucks, brandon's house *drool* 2,3,4
old folk's home too 2
use accoustic instruments to reduce dependency on electricity 3
more central venue, rotation of venues 4